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Chef Hot Hands

A Gourmet Story

Larry Jiles Jr. also known as Chef Hot Hands has been cooking in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs for ten years. Born in St.Paul and raised in Hugo, Minnesota, Chef Hot Hands’ first experience with food began cooking in the kitchen with his father, who truly enjoyed the creative process of cooking.

Chef Hot Hands draws his culinary and pleasing dining inspiration from his passion for uniting people through food. He has a passion for providing outstanding fresh, quality food to everyday people in the community.

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Customer Reviews

Chef Hot Hands is on whole other cooking level. Everything I’ve had is absolute fire. Try him out, I can assure you that you won’t forget it. 👏🏼
- Bob Miller
So far everything that I have had, has been Fantastic! The Salmon was delicious and so were the Jerk Chicken Taco's. heart There are many more things that I cannot wait to try. Thank you!
- Donnet K
Sea Bass tonight was fantastic !!
- Mark Sager
Chef’s food is absolutely amazing. He has yet to disappoint and he has the personality to match it. I always excited t pick up meals from him!
- Courtney
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