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Give Us A For Your Family Next Dinner


Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 10AM ~ 2PM Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 4PM ~ 8PM Brunch: Every 1ST Sunday Of The Month 8AM ~ 3PM

the gourmet chef for your thanksgiving dinner

experience the best food and more family time

making thanksgiving dinner at home is stressful

our holiday menu allows you to keep more family time without compromising the gourmet food you want to share

  • Price Per Entree
  • Half A Turkey $35

    White Meat Only
    Serves 3-4 Guests

  • Small Gathering $35

    Serves 3-4 Guests

  • Large Gathering $55

    Serves 5-7 Guests

  • Combo $125

    Half A Turkey And 3 Small Entrees
    Serves 3-4 Guests

classic entrees

Half A Turkey
White Meat Only
Classic Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

House Holiday specials

Signature Mac & Cheese
Cornbread Seafood Dressing
Butter Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
Elote Corn

extras - $5

Sriracha Cranberry Sauce

Dinner Rolls (6)

Hot Hands Brown Gravy

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Thank you for choosing us to make your thanksgiving dinner a gourmet experience!

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