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  • chef hot hands nachos

    “Not Your Way” Nachos

    Perfectly season tinder jackfruit, fined diced pico de gallo, thin-sliced mixed greens drizzled w/mild cashew queso & avocado aïoli all on bed of crispy corn chips. Vegan

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    1 egg & Toast

    One egg your way & your choice of toast

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    2 Eggs Your Way

    Two farmers eggs your way

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  • 5 Finger Wings w/ Asiago Jojo’s

    “Chef Hot Hands” Wings, showcasing a variety of flavors with your choice of 2 flavors. GLUTEN-FREE
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  • AllStar Seafood

    Seabass With broccolini & Butter Herb Risotto???? Cajun Catfish With White Rice & Fried Green Tomatoes???? Pan Sear Crappy With Golden Herb Potato Bites & Honey Ginger Glaze Rainbow Carrots

     Friday, March 19th

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  • Authentic chicken tamales

    Maseca corn based dough mixture filled with shredded marinated chicken wrapped & cooked in corn husks with side of homemade refried beans & Mexican rice along side traditional green salsa w/ a flare of lime & crème fraîche.

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  • Authentic Street Tacos

    3 beef corn shell tortillas taco top with onions and cilantro with a side of sour cream and salsa, complement it by Spanish rice & refried beans

    wednesday, May 5

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  • Baby Back Rib Mac

    Gooey, creamy macaroni & cheese made of a special blend of cheeses filled w/ bbq smoke rib meat & beef lardons top off w/ a pair of BBQ ribs & light breadcrumbs.
    Complemented by bake crostini.

    Saturday, July 17

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  • BBQ baby back ribs

    Half Slab of tender smoked pork ribs w/ dark brown sugar glaze. Alongside garlic cream mashed potatoes & corn on the cob.
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  • BBQ Bourbon Shrimp

    BBQ Bourbon Shrimp

    Six jumbo shrimp sautéed in a sweet bourbon BBQ sauce served alongside a pair of cheddar cheese polenta cakes & a mix fresh vegetable blend made of corn, fava bean, bell peppers

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