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Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 10AM ~ 2PM Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 4PM ~ 8PM Brunch: Every 1ST Sunday Of The Month 8AM ~ 3PM

  • Stuff Chicken Wings W/ Vegetable Fried Rice

    A deboned chicken wing is stuffed with ground pork and vermicelli noodles, then finished with a fish-sauce caramel sever with a vegetable fried rice

    Thursday, May 20


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  • Stuff Pineapple Bowl

    Bowl filled with intensive levels flavors starting from Bottom to Top : Fresh chunks of pineapple, Yellow Saffron Rice, Top W/ Sweet Bells pepper & Zucchinis Lined W/ Sirloin Beef Garnished W/ Balsamic Glaze, Pineapple Teriyaki Glaze Chicken W/ Citrus Flair, Garlic herb Shrimp W/ Lime Flair & Then The Pineapple Bowl Will Be Drizzled With A Pineapples Chutney W/ Jalapeño Flair.

    Tuesday, June 2
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  • Stuff Smoked Turkey Leg

     Smoked turkey leg stuffed with you choice of :
                          • Collar Greens
                          • Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese
                          • Carrots, Corn On The Cob, Baby Potatoes, Green Beans

    Complemented by: Cornbread

    Gluten Free

    $15.00$20.00 Select options
  • Stuff Tomahawk Pork Chop

    Stuff tomahawk pork chop

    7oz French cut tomahawk pork chops stuffed w/ chicken sausage stuffing, glazed w/ apple bacon jam & rich Gallup apple pork gravy. Alongside of Sauté asparagus. Complemented by a dinner roll

    $20.00 Select options
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers | Vegan Option

    Oven roasted bell peppers filled with white rice & ground beef blend on a bed of red sauce Complement by side salad

    Gluten Free | Vegan

    $15.00 Select options
  • Stuffed Catfish

    Golden crispy cornmeal batter catfish fillets stuffed with shrimp & crab chef choice of cheese alongside of baked mac & cheese, green beans. Complement by cornbread muffins.

    Friday, February 11  

    Gluten Free

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  • Stuffed Haddock

    Haddock fillet stuffed with crab, shrimp, fresh herbs, celery, bread stuffing on a bed Of potatoes au gratin top with sea beans.

    Sea beans is a summer vegetable that grows on the edges of marshland in England & known for their salty, slightly grassy taste with a crisp & snappy bite.



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  • Stuffed Salmon

     Garlic & herb spiced salmon stuffed with spinach & kale, chef’s choice of blended cheese, on a bed of linguine smothered in a citrus cream sauce. Complement by a breadstick

    Gluten Free

    $20.00 Select options
  • Stuffed Turkey Rolls

    Thin sliced turkey breast fill with creamy butter & chives mashed potatoes alongside

    a chicken sausage stuffing & green beans.

    Complemented by fresh dinner rolls with flair of sweetness.

    $15.00$55.00 Select options
  • Swedish Meatballs

    Blended ground beef & pork season with Swedish spices served on a bed of garlic cream mashed potatoes & green beans

    Complemented by a dinner roll

    Gluten free

    $15.00$55.00 Select options
  • Sweet & Spicy Glazed Lamb Ribs

    Three tender glaze spare lamb ribs served with the Greek vegetable medley also known as “BRIAMI” includes zucchini, peppers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, small bites of egg plant, with lots of fresh herbs.

    Saturday, June 5  

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  • Sweet Drunken Noodles W/ Yellowfin Tuna

    Cast iron seared yellow fin tuna steak alongside drunken lo mein noodles, bok choy, carrots, snap peas, baby corn, red peppers.


    Gluten Free

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