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Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 10AM ~ 2PM Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 4PM ~ 8PM Brunch: Every 1ST Sunday Of The Month 8AM ~ 3PM

  • Tuna Pasta

    Fresh tuna sautéed with shallots, garlic, & olives, tossed in a light tomato sauce along with rigatoni then garnish with fresh herbs, complement by breadstick.

    Friday, June 11

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  • Turkey À La King

    Turkey à la king featuring chunks of smoke turkey, carrots, & peas, in a creamy sauce served alongside homemade cheddar cheese drop biscuits. Complement by a green salad

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  • Turkey Wild Rice Combo


    Small bowl of  turkey wild rice soup &

    Half sandwich Or wrap $11.50

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    Turkey Wild Rice Soup

    In honor of the Dakota Indians originated in Centerville, their main harvest was wild rice so it only right our soup is made with locally harvest wild rice along with local organic carrots celery and onions in a rich cream.

    Small Bowl : $5.50

    Larger Bowl : $7.50

    $5.50$7.50 Select options
  • Turkish kebabs

     Grill kebabs load it with vegetables, marinated beef, & chicken with spices commonly used in the country Turkey, on a bed of garlic rosemary baby potatoes with grilled zucchini & asparagus on the side complemented by pita & tahini sauce.
    Vegetarian Options
    $15.00$20.00 Select options
  • Ultimate Chicken Casserole

    Tender egg noodles with shredded chicken, beef bits, corn, baked with Gouda cream sauce topped with fried shallots along side crispy country fried steak

    Wednesday, September 15 

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  • Vegetable

    Hashbrowns | Green Peppers | Onions | Mushrooms | Tomatoes | Spinach | Broccoli | Jalapeños | Zucchinis

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  • Walleye Dinner

    Crispy pan fried walleye to a golden crunch severed w/ mashed potatoes, green beans, coleslaw.

    Gluten free

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  • Watermelon Seafood Boil

    Hallowed watermelon filled with shrimp, crab legs, crawfish, corn-on-cob, potato bites, in a rich cajun broth garnish with a bell pepper medley compliment by devil egg.

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  • White Fish Avocado Cream Sauce

    Pan seared white fish with citrus & herb risotto  garnish with roasted pita seeds

    Friday, January 27

    Gluten Free

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  • Wings

    5 wings served with Jojo’s. (choose 1 flavor)

    Lemon-Lime Pepper (Dry Rub), Garlic & Herb (Dry Rub), Northern Fried (Dry Rub), Root Beer Bourbon (Glaze), Classic BBQ (Glaze) Buffalo (Glaze)


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  • Wonder Bread Slider

      2 White bread squares sliders paned seared with Butter, garlic & herbs to a golden crispy layer in between provolone & gouda cheese, Angus beef sirloin patties, leaf lettuce & white aïoli

    Alongside Our House Signature Sea Salt & Crack Pepper Homemade Potato Chips

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