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Lunch: Tuesday - Friday 10AM ~ 2PM Dinner: Tuesday - Saturday 4PM ~ 8PM Brunch: Every 1ST Sunday Of The Month 8AM ~ 3PM

  • Beef Wellington

    Paned seared beef tenderloin covered with a deep savory herbs & spices marinated blend wrapped in golden, buttery puff pastry served along side garlic cream mashed potatoes & fresh green beans

    Tuesday, May 11

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  • Beer Can Chicken

     Perfectly seasoned, chicken place over Chef choice beer can adding rosemary, garlic, lemon juice, thyme, & red pepper flakes into beer can & steam. Creating a moist & tender chicken served with Chef choice of grill vegetable kebabs

    (Size: half chicken)

    Saturday June 12



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  • Birria Tacos | Vegan Option

    Birria means: “Exquisite savory dish, full of culture and tradition.”

    Beef seared off & then placed in a pot filled with peppers & spices cook nice & slow tender to perfection then we dip a corn shell tortilla juice the meat was prepared in filling it with the beef and some cheese than fried to to a nice ruby red crisp  Must Try These Are The Most Famous Tacos

    $15.00 Select options
  • Biscuit & Gravy

    Buttermilk drop biscuit smothered  with a homemade country gravy with crumble sausage



    Add on Country fried steak:$2.00

    $6.80$15.50 Select options
  • Placeholder

    Biscuits & Gravy

    Buttermilk drop biscuit smothered with a homemade crumble sausage country gravy.


    Full $13.50

    Add on Country fried steak:$2.00

    $6.75$15.50 Select options
  • Blackened Steelhead Trout

    Blackened steelhead trout served on a bed of Irish fried cabbage mixed with carrot matchsticks & fried green tomato served with chef’s dipping sauce. Complemented by cornbread muffins


    Gluten Free

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  • Breakfast Burrito

    Loaded with your choice of steak or shrimp, sweet bell peppers, shallots, Jive Spuds, eggs, colby jack cheese, salsa & a side of sour cream. Served with Jive Spuds

    Option: Both Meat +$3

    $13.00$16.00 Select options
  • Breakfast Potatoes


    Jive Spuds

    $2.75 Select options
  • Breakfast Sandwich

    Two fried eggs with your choice of  meat, toast, & cheese served with your choice  potatoes

    $11.00 Select options
  • Brisket Soul Plate

    Tender smoked brisket garnish with pickled watermelon rind served with a side of sweet potatoes & mixed collard greens. Complement it by cornbread.


    Gluten Free

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  • Broccolini Grilled Cheese & Potato Soup

    Your choice of sourdough or whole wheat grain grilled & melted with chef’s choices of cheeses roasted broccolini severed with aside of  cream potato soup


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  • Cabbage Casserole

    Fried mix cabbage, collard greens, & smoke turkey top with a sweet cornbread. Complemented by a side of mixed green beans & potato bits.

    Thursday, February 10

    Gluten Free



    $15.00$55.00 Select options
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